The Samaritan Woman (John 4:4-43)

Many people try to make light of SIN, but you never see Jesus make light of sin. In fact, when the Lord delivered Israel out of Egypt, He painstakingly told them through Moses what He required. For whatever reason, we tend to think that laws and rules are meant to keep us down. What God was giving to His people was a formula for success, however, God’s people threw off His laws and requirements and began to worship other gods which eventually led to them going back into captivity, however, this time with Assyria and Babylon.

An Exemplary Volunteer – The Reverend Marcus Small

Pastor Marcus Small is the Administrative Pastor of the People's Inter-Cities Fellowship (PICF) of Marin City. He has served faithfully at the church for so many years. He is the husband of Melanie Small, a registered nurse, and the proud father of two children, Quinlan and Sherrell. In his secular work, Rev. Small is the Executive Director of the Center for Restorative Practice in San Rafael. In spite of his many responsibilities at PICF and the Center for Restorative Practice, Marcus volunteers at BAF and has been very involved in our ministry for the past three years.

Education & Licenses

A.A. Degree, Behavioral Sciences, College of Marin, Kentifield, CA 1979-1981
B.A. Psychology, San Francisco State University, San Fran, CA 1982-1984
M.S. Clinical Psychology, San Francisco State University, San Fran. CA, 1985-1987
Licensed Minister, Church of God, Anderson, IN, 1987;
Marriage & Family Therapist, State of California, 1990
Ordained Minister, Interstate Association Church of God, 1996

What are your responsibilities at PICF and at Restorative Practice?

At PICF, I serve as Associate/ Executive Pastor. My duties include preaching, leading the daily noon prayer, teaching, counseling, Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Minister of Music and leader of Friday Night Live. Friday Night Life replaced our Sunday school for children and youth almost 10 years ago.

February 2012 Newsletter for KDYA

The word LOVE today has been put through such an obstacle course and covered with layers of man’s imaginations that God is nowhere to be found in the word. Today, we want to take a brief journey through passages of Deuteronomy 28 as well as a few other bible passages.

Deuteronomy which means second law is a repeating of many of the laws in Exodus and the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) to the second generation of the Israelites poised to enter the “Promised Land.” The first generation has died in the wilderness due to sin and now the children or this second generation is hearing from Moses what God did and how he showed His great LOVE to the Israelites. Love is an action word and describes who God is. Too many people, when talking about love often try to define love based on their own emotional state. The Bible says that GOD IS LOVE (I Jn 4:8, 16). Love is not simply some feeling you experience, but Love describes who God is. Therefore, when you see God in scripture you see Him giving Himself to His people.